Thursday – May 27

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11:00 AM EDT   

How to Conduct a Cyber Risk Assessment, Duane Dunston, Champlain College

In this interactive session, participants will learn how to conduct cyber risk assessments. The process along with the people that should be involved will be examined. Additionally, this workshop will help you start the process of identifying the key individuals in your own organization to help support a risk management program. You will learn how to ensure all organizational information and digital assets are accounted for during the risk assessment, how you and your organization must perform routine risk assessments, and what questions to ask and look for in third-party vendors that conduct risk assessments within your organization. By the end of the workshop, you will have an understanding of the risk management process and where and how to begin within your organization.

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12:30 PM EDT

Federal OSHA Standards and the Biden Administration, Peter Kirsanow, Benesch

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1:30 PM EDT

Handling Safety-Related Work Stoppages in the Time of COVID-19: A Review of Law and Best Practices, Emmanuel Boulukos and Kayla Ernst, Ice Miller

As COVID-19 vaccines become widely available to the workforce, employers are making key decisions about what safety precautions remain necessary for their workplace. Despite the availability of vaccines and the loosening of restrictions by state and/or local governments, employers should be prepared for the possibility that employees may refuse to work due to ongoing COVID-19 safety concerns or other perceived safety issues. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and state law may provide protections to both unionized and nonunionized employees who refuse to work based on COVID-19-related or other serious safety concerns. This presentation will discuss employers’ obligations under federal and state law when addressing such refusals to work. The nature of the employees’ work and the safety protocols implemented by the employer are both important factors in determining how an employer may respond to such refusals. Additionally, the presentation will discuss the practical implications of disciplining or terminating employees for such refusals and strategies for avoiding work stoppages before they happen.

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2:30 PM EDT

The Looming Safety Crisis: Mental Health in the Workplace, Laurence Pearlman, Marsh Risk Consulting

Research shows that 61% of employees have experienced a mental health issue at work. Yet only 16% of employees are comfortable sharing these issues with their manager. In this session, we’ll explores the consequences – including the safety impact – of mental health issues in the workplace. Topics include understanding ‘unsafe’ employees, how safety and health benefits should work together, how to equip leaders to recognize mental health issues, what risks can be amplified by mental health issues, and the impact of human factors.

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3:30 PM EDT

EHS Awards and Best Practices Discovered

The 2021 Safety Awards will be given out based on OSHA 300’s Log of work-Related Injuries and Illness statistics and Safety Best Practices. 

Then we will move into our Best Practices Discovered.

This is an opportunity to share with other attendees what your best takeaways from this event are. It is a dedicated time to do a final event recap and create a list of tangible changes you can take back to your organization.

This discussion will be led by event staff, so come with at least one takeaway from one of the sessions to share. To help keep your takeaways in one place, you can utilize the section on each notes page to make note of your best practices discovered for each presentation.

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All sessions will be available to view at any time in the event library after the event concludes.